Open UPP 2018 (Open USS Pension Panel 2018, pronounced “Open Up 2018”) is now live. Follow us on Twitter @OpenUPP2018. Open UPP 2018 is part of the USSbriefs family.

The UUK–UCU Joint Expert Panel (JEP) meetings will be confidential, and involve only 7 people  the Chair plus 3 nominees each from UUK and UCU.

Open UPP 2018 will run in parallel to the Joint Expert Panel, and will do what USSbriefs does best:

  • open things up
  • broaden the debate
  • allow multiple people to be part of it
  • do things in public

Open UPP will generously interpret the JEP’s Term of Reference. We will open up 2017 USS valuation in particular, and scheme valuation in general:

  • how it is done and might be done
  • who feeds and should feed into it
  • whose assumptions get and should get to matter

We want proper analyses of:

  • intergenerational fairness
  • what addressing “equality considerations” actually involves
  • the role of the regulatory framework and government

We also welcome analyses and particularly critiques   of those “alternative scheme design” options mentioned in the JEP Terms of Reference. Joanne Segars has said she “warmly welcome[s] submissions on any issue relevant to our work”.  So we also invite all those submitting to JEP to submit their materials to Open UPP too.

As part of , we are collaborating with Academics for Pensions Justice on their open peer review of the newly released USS materials.

The JEP is aiming to submit a report to UUK and UCU in September 2018 and we will be tracking them. We will share materials in the form of USSbriefs (Medium or PDF).

If you wish to submit to   or have an idea of what we should address? Get in touch via Direct Messages to either or   or email us.